2 teens charged with vandalizing football field

Crews repair the turf at Goshen's football field
Crews repair the turf at Goshen's football field

GOSHEN, OH (FOX19) - Two teenagers are in hot water after police say they vandalized their high school's football field.

Goshen police received a report from the Goshen superintendent on Sunday that the football field and press box had been damaged. The fire extinguisher had been removed from the press box and sprayed on the box and the field. The press box computer was also missing and the turf on the field had been torn up.

Police used a footprint at the scene and talked to staff members and students on Monday, and were led to a student who had recently quit the team and was upset with the coach. Police questioned the teen with his mother present, and he at first denied that he was involved and said he had spend the entire weekend with a friend.

Police questioned the friend, who also denied any involvement.

Officers received permission to search the first teen's house, and found a Leatherman tool. They also found shoes in his brother's car that matched the shoe print at the scene.

The teen later admitted that he used the Leatherman tool to tear up the turf.

The other teen also admitted his involvement, saying the two were "extremely upset" with the coach, and they were sorry for what they did.

The teens, ages 18 and 17, are both charged with vandalism.

Crews were at the field repairing the turf on Tuesday.

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