Police: Purse snatching part of nationwide ring

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - West Chester Police say that a recent string of purse snatching incidents in the area are part of a nationwide ring.

According to police, the recent purse snatching in daycare parking lots can be traced back to a gang nicknamed the "Felony Lane Gang." They are believed to be based out of Georgia or Florida.

According to police, the gang is broken up into groups of three. The first group goes through a daycare parking lot and marks or identifies vehicles with purses. The second group breaks the windows of the vehicles and takes the purses. After that, the third group takes the identification, credit cards and checks and immediately goes to local bank drive-thru's, often disguising themselves to look like the victims they have stolen from.

The "Felony Lane Gang" will then write out checks using the victims IDs and credit cards for amounts ranging between $1800-$2100.

Participants in this gang have been indicted in federal court as far back as 2007. Many of the women in this gang are looking to make money to support their drug habit.

Anyone with any information should contact the Butler County Sheriffs Office at 513-785-1300, the West Chester Police Department at 513-777-2231 or The Trenton Police Department at 513-988-6341.

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