Delta Airlines donates and helps build a home for Habitat for Humanity

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Delta Airlines will donate a Habitat for Humanity home the Cincinnati Community for the second year in a row, Friday.

The dedication ceremony will be at 1 p.m. at 1185 Homeside Avenue in College Hill. There will be a barbecue throughout the day, food will be donated by local vendors.

Delta Airlines and 200 volunteers built this home in 6 weeks, making it the fastest home built for Habitat for Humanity this year. The volunteers also planted a flower and vegetable garden.

The home will belong to Senga (Alex) Bigure, his wife, Saada Alfani and their four children, Grace, 16, Deane, 12, Kenneth, 9, and their three month old baby, Gloria. Senga moved to the United States in 2005 during a civil war in Berundi. Saada followed with Deane and Kenneth. Grace is still at a boarding school in Tanzania waiting for approval to rejoin her family. The family currently lives in two bedroom apartment with no storage space.

This home is one of three home being built in this neighborhood. It is part of a rehab project for the neighborhood. People are allowed to take a tour of the rehab project.

"This is going to change our lives," said Senga. "We have always believed that one day God would help our family, and now through Habitat, God has provided for us. We will have so much more space, and our children will finally have a place to play. My family loves each other and we love to be with people and neighbors and to simply live a peaceful life. We are planning to be a part of the Habitat family for all of our lives so that we can help other families like we were helped by Habitat."

Delta will be building seven homes in seven cities across the country during fall of 2010.

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