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HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - FOX19 is on the job hunt for you! There are thousands of jobs available with in Hebron, KY, with very few takers. SMX reports their first day of recruiting for 3,000 seasonal positions was dismal.

We got there with about an hour left to go in the day and only 48 people showed-up to apply.

It was supposed to be a jam-packed job fair. is SMX's client and is still in need of some 3,000 workers. They've only hired 1,500 since our story first aired a few weeks ago.

"That's a big gap in between the 4,044 jobs," said SMX Recruiter Kimberly Jackson.

But apparently no one needs a job. Jackson and most SMX employees even wear t-shirts with the slogan, "Want a job? Ask me!", blazing across the front.

"It says want a job, ask me!," said Jackson, who was in the grocery store the other day and, "I had 4 people come up to me. They wanted to know where they could find a job and I told them, at SMX in Hebron, KY and we were having a job fair today, but I didn't see them here today."

The jobs at Amazon pay just under 12 bucks an hour.

"You're going to continue to keep going though past that," a recruiter told potential hiree, Carlos Alvarado, pointing to the lengthy application. "But I want you to skip this page."

Alvarado said the pay at the warehouse would be a step-up from his last job.

"And it's offering a little more, better pay than what I was doing." And we heard if you work overtime, the hourly can be like 18 bucks an hour.

"really?!," said Kimberly Smith right behind Alvarado. "I didn't hear that."

Smith is ambitious. She's already working two jobs, right now, yet still looking for more work.

"I'm looking to fill-in another position," Smith said. "So I can have more hours. So wait, we asked. "Would this be a third position for you?"

"yes!," she said "And I go to school," she added, saying she's studying to be a pastry chef.

Smith said it's tough to find a job you really want.

"It's very tough in this economy, I think it's very tough."

"When are you going to sleep in all this time?," we asked her. "I have no idea."

And for 20-year-old Ryan McKenzie, the job market in a word?

"horrible," he said.

McKenzie's filled out dozens of applications over the last few months.

"I would say, probably, like 40," he said. "Last time I worked with them it was seasonal work, I'm hoping to stick with this job."

So what does that mean for you or me, ordering holiday gifts from or any online retailer?

If there aren't enough people to get your gift packaged and shipped-out, it may not get under the tree in time. Hear that Santa?!?

The job fair runs again tomorrow (Friday) at the Holiday Inn at the Mineola Pike exit in Boone County, from 8:30am til 4:30pm.

SMX said there are two reasons people don't make the cut, a lack of education or they have a criminal record. is super-strict in it's background checks. You cannot have a misdemeanor in the last 3 years or a felony within the last seven years.

But SMX said they are open to talking with you if you meet these criteria.

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