Vigil for Paige Johnson

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COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - It has been more than a month of tense searching and still no answers for the family of Paige Johnson.

Friends and family held a vigil for the missing woman. They said they have no reason to give up searching and no reason to give up hoping, despite a 2-day search earlier this week at East Fork State Park that turned-up empty handed.

Friday night, they leaned-on each other for strength, in what appears to be a long-haul search for the missing woman.

Abby Schmitz saw her best friend Paige Johnson just 3 days before she disappeared.

"We were like sisters and just six years of memories," Schmitz said. "I treasure with everything in me and I'd give anything to have them back again."

She left a note to Paige and there were plenty of pens for others to leave their happy thoughts as well.

"This isn't somebody who would just up and disappear right?," we asked. "no," Schmitz said. "Paige loved everybody, she was always talking to people, always surrounding herself with friends, she hated to be by herself."

Plus, Paige has a daughter Mackenzie to think about and not run away from.

"Would she have any reason to run away?," we asked. "No, she wouldn't, she loves Mackenzie with all of her heart," Schmitz said.

Justin Egner had no connection to the family or the search at all, but is following the situation on Facebook.

"Lisa Little put an ad on there," Egner said. "She needed somebody with a truck to haul a light for her."

Egner had seen the fliers all over town.

"Heard a lot of people talking about it and figured I would help out."

He brought along his buddy Mike Campbell to help out.

"Just my time and my back I guess," Campbell joked. "Helped him get the light from Art's Rental."

They hauled a massive, donated generator light from Art's Rental, to help illuminate the vigil.

"I mean if it was my child," Campbell said. "I'd want people to get involved or be nice to have people involved so, it's different when you're a parent. I'd be all over the place driving endless nights I'd be everywhere."

"Donations please! Donations for Paige!," friends of Paige yelled as they dangled buckets at passing traffic, hoping to raise money to help keep the search going.

"Him and Paige were really close," said Katie Pompilio, who said she and the man last known to have seen Paige alive, Jacob Bumpass, used to hang out all the time.

"He's a really nice guy," Pompilio said. "A really good friend, he would do anything for anybody if he could."

Bumpass is in jail on an unrelated charge.

Pompilio said she can't understand why he won't speak-up for his friend.

"I don't believe Bumpass at all," Pompilio said. "I think he has something to do with it for real because he's not talking and Paige is gone."

So, what's the next step? The family and friends of Paige said they will keep getting the word out through social media, through billboards and keeping hope, that they learn good or bad, what's happened to 17-year-old Paige Johnson.

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