Crews battle Dearborn County Fire

BRIGHT, IN (FOX19)--Singed trees and burned woods show just how powerful a brush fire got deep in the woods of Dearborn County on Sunday morning. It started around 10am.

"We had a number of trees that were up that actually burnt through, they did, because the fire was so intense," says Mike Kushman with the Bright Fire Department

Because the fire started so far into the woods, firefighters had a tough time getting there.

"We had to end up cutting a path in so we could get hose and quads and everything else back through here to start getting supplies to the area," says Mike.

Throughout this fall, brush fires have plagued the region. No rain has meant big problems everywhere.  A fire in Wayne Township burned about 300 acres in September and most of Kentucky is under a burn ban.

And just this week crews had to return to another part of Dearborn county to fight a fire that re ignited there.

"We've got a fire investigator coming, and we are hoping that they can tell us exactly the origin and we'll just take it from there,"says Kushman.

Back in Bright, one person did get hurt fighting this fire. That person was a volunteer. The fire itself was put out around 2pm. It took about eight companies to do the job.

"For a fire like this you need a lot of manpower,"says Mike.