Parents sue Clermont Co. candidate over remarks about child's death

Archie Wilson (Source:
Archie Wilson (Source:

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)  - Brenda Nessleroad-Slaby's case made sensational headlines when she lost her two year old daughter. The child was accidentally left strapped in a car seat inside a hot car. Now, she and her husband are back in the news. They're suing a Clermont County Candidate for defaming their name.

Archie Wilson is running for Clermont County Commissioner. Scott Croswell currently holds that seat. A few weeks ago, the race turned nasty. Croswell was the Slaby's lawyer back in 2007.

Recently, Wilson reportedly spoke at a Republican Party Central Committee meeting in Union Township in front of at least three local trustees who testified they heard Wilson say Croswell and Clermont County Prosecutor Don White worked together to "cover up the fact that the baby's father was sexually molesting her."

The Slabys are outraged, and so is their lawyer, Stan Chesley.

"To say this. Is that all he could think about?" said Chesley. "Scott Croswell has been an attorney in that city for some 20 years. Is that the most and the only thing you can come up with? How desperate are you?"

The Slaby's toddler, Cecilia, died three years ago after Nesselroad-Slaby left her in the back seat of her car for eight hours. Neither Nesselroad-Slaby or her husband was charged with a crime.

Wilson told FOX19 he was in the hospital, but emailed us this statement: "I would just like to state some facts. The current lawsuit was filed one week before Election Day. Scott Croswell was Slaby's attorney when the horrible incident involving her child happened. Prosecutor Don White made the decision not to take the case to a Grand Jury. Prosecutor Don White and Joe Deters have publicly endorsed their friend fellow attorney Scott Croswell. Joe Deters works for Stan Chesley's law firm. Stan Chesley is the attorney filing the current lawsuit. The only people from the Union Township Central Committee making the allegations forming the basis of the lawsuit are three known public supporters of Scott Croswell. I never made the allegation that the Slaby child was sexually molested. I never made the allegation that there was a cover up. The lawsuit has nothing to do with the issues in the race for Commissioner. I have not lost support as evidenced when the FOP reaffirmed their endorsement. I will trust the public to draw their own conclusion, just connect the dots."

Wilson said the lawsuit was politically-motivated, pointing to the fact that it was filed one week before the election. Chesley disagreed with that idea.

"I've never discussed anything with Croswell," said Chesley. "I have respect for him. I took this case for {the Slabys,} because they are the victims. Wilson is not a victim. These people are victims."

Croswell was also outraged at the allegations and Wilson's response.

"For him to try to deny this is crazy," said Croswell. "He's already admitted to it-- to the press in the past. I mean this is his fifth version of what occurred. What he did was outrageous. What he did was mean-spirited, and he was been sued and there's a very substantial case against him. That's what I'd be concerned with if I was him."

The Slabys want a jury trial. Chesley told FOX 19 the lawsuit isn't about the money. Chesley said if the Slabys win, the couple plans to donate the money to charity.

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