Wheelchair ramp stolen from Norwood home

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Police are investigating a late night robbery that left a handicapped woman without a safe way to leave her home on Glenside Avenue.

The homeowner, who wants to remain anonymous, says her mother uses the ramp and is working with police to find the suspect.

Police say the robbery took place sometime after 9 p.m. Sunday and before 8 a.m. Monday. The ramp was made out of aluminum and police are suspecting someone stole it as scrap metal.

"It's hard to say why with it being aluminum, some people will steal stuff for scrap," says Lt. Bill Kramer with Norwood Police.

King Recycling in Norwood says aluminum is selling for $.52 cents a pound right now and a ramp would only cash in at about $10, the ramp was valued at $600. Police visited King Recycling after the robbery but did not find the ramp.

Neighbors in the area say this crime is unusual and things are normally quiet.

"I think this is just terrible, terrible and I would hopefully maybe the neighbors and I can get together and do something maybe built her another one," says Rob Smith, who also lives on Glenside Ave.

The homeowner says she has replaced it.

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