New pub opens with a political message

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WEST CHESTER (FOX19) - Food, beer and a copy of the United States Constitution. Just a few things on the menu at Grand Ole Pub in West Chester.

"We love our country, so we decided to open an American pub," said owner Pat Langdon.

It's a conservative restaurant, who's theme is the country's founding fathers. On the wall are pictures of all the U.S. Presidents, a copy of the Declaration of Independence and when you look at the menu, "We have the customer bill of rights. We have 10 customer bill of rights on our menu," said Landgon.

Also on the menu, martinis with names like bald eagle, freedom and income tax.

"I think it is nice that you can go to a bar that reflects our true constitutional values, I love it," said Vicki Stacey.

"I am a liberal. For people to be able to come somewhere and to express their political views is great," said Emilly Osterling.

"Democrats, republicans, independents everyone of them are welcome in our pub," said Langdon.

Also on the walls, a collage to remember the lives lost on 9-11 and flags to salute each branch of the armed forces. And the pub's bar opening just days before Election Day is no coincidence.

"We're excited about the whole election, we think that what we are doing is going to stop the madness in the United States," said Langdon.

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