Keeping You Safe: Checking Halloween candy

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As kids bring home their trick-or-treat candy, there is something important to keep in mind as you inspect the treats. A super-addictive drug is making a dangerous comeback in the Tri-state.

Dr. William Lovett runs the ER at The Christ Hospital. He said they've already had one person die from a heroin overdose. They're seeing a big uptick in heroin use lately, a drug that's easily injectable in humans, and could find it's way using a micro-fine needle, into this year's trick or treat candy.

"We're seeing a lot more heroin abuse here in town," Lovett said. And most times the heroin is in liquid form. Years ago, the drug LSD was the mind-altering rage at parties.

"You could take ten hits of LSD, throw it in a punch bowl, sit back and watch the party," he said.

Today though, heroin is making a comeback.

"My biggest concern is drug placement inside the candy through a hypodermic needle," Lovett said.

"It's not that hard to take similar stuff, put it in a hypodermic needle and inject it into candy," Lovett said. "It happens every year, somewhere in the United States."

Fortunately for us, it has rarely happened here in the tri-state.

"We get calls every year," Lovett said. "Whether we're x-raying people's candy and the kids candy and we say no."

Lovett said most hospitals have moved-away from x-raying candy due to insurance liabilities now.

"I think parents have gotten smarter," he said. "I think the packaging companies have also gotten smarter of how they package candy and parents just need to be very cognizant of what's going on with their candy."

Dr. Lovett said make sure each piece looks ok.

"Making sure it hasn't been opened, look at the sides," he said. "Make sure there's not pieces ripped."

And that each piece smells ok.

Candy like anything else you eat, can go bad. Lovett said, also look for expiration dates because you never really know how long something's been on a store shelf or in someone's home.

"Candy looks like candy," he said. "It's always looked like candy, if it's supposed to be brown, it needs to be brown, if it's supposed to be white, it should be white, you just need to be smart in what you're doing."

Of course, once you know your candy is ok, there are the consequences of overeating it!

"Don't let them eat the whole bag at once," Lovett said. "Every year, we see a lot of bellyaches, maybe if parents let them eat 40 candy bars one night, that's not necessarily a good thing, unfortunately, they'll probably be up with their child all night long bouncing off the wall."

Lovett said the best way to check candy before taking a bite of, say a candy bar, is to break it into pieces first. That way you can truly see what you're eating.

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