Cincinnati Jewish community reacts to terror threats overseas

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)---Sundown on Friday brought a full house to the Isaac M. Wise Temple on Ridge Road. Next door's Rockdale Temple was full, too.

After services, people reacted to the news that investigators had found explosives in packages on cargo planes bound for the US, and synagogues in Chicago.

"I feel secure, I feel, I mean, we just came out of a wonderful service and I feel peaceful and that's what we focus on," said Sally Peterson.

That is what Brian Jaffee with the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati says as well. He's hopeful, but also working to keep the Cincinnati Jewish community safe.

"We're sending this alert out to our synagogues, our Jewish day schools, Jewish agencies, and making sure they are aware of this situation and that they are reviewing their security protocols and doing everything that they are supposed to be doing to make sure that the institutions are secure," says Jaffee.

Authorities have not given out a list of the Jewish institutions in Chicago that were to receive the packages. Even so, Brian Jaffee says the threat alone is enough.

"Security is something we have to take seriously 365 days a year," says Jaffee.