Tea Party supporters rally towards November election

 By Emily Wood - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -- Hundreds of Tea Party supporters are making a final push before Election Day on Tuesday.

 The Cincinnati Tea Party sponsored a rally, "Remember in November, Pelosi Farewell" Saturday afternoon along the Serpentine Wall in downtown Cincinnati. Together activists are calling for fiscally conservative and limited government candidates including John Kasich, Steve Chabot, Robert Owens, Mike Wilson and Chris Monzel.

 "In the last two years we've seen the take over of our healthcare system, our biggest banks have been bankrupt and been bailed out on the backs of our children," says Steve Christopher, former Attorney General candidate. Christopher lost to Owens in the primary and is now supporting him on November 2nd.

 Republican candidate Steve Chabot took to the open stage in hopes of returning to the House of Representatives after he lost in 2008 to Steve Driehaus. "Mr. Driehaus, he's not a bad guy, he's just been in Washington too long. I heard that somewhere, last year perhaps," Chabot says.

 As Chabot hopes a Tea Party push will put him back in office, gubernatorial candidate, John Kasich is also using Tea Party support in an effort to unseat incumbent candidate Ted Strickland.

 Kasich says if elected in the next 72 hours he will tackle taxes, job creation and education.

 "More dollars in the classroom not in the bureaucracy and red tape and overhead administration. Dollars in the classroom to make our teachers strong and give our kids the resources they need," says Kasich.