Casino means parking losses

A worker removes a 'Court House Parking' sign at the corner of Broadway and Reading
A worker removes a 'Court House Parking' sign at the corner of Broadway and Reading

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -  By midweek, 2,000 parking spots at the corner of Broadway and Reading will be off limits, leaving several downtown workers with limited parking options.

The parking spots are being taken to make room for Cincinnati's new casino at Broadway Commons. This Wednesday, crews will start work on the $400 million casino.

"This is such an inconvenience because the parking is so much more condensed so you have to find parking on the street or else I'm not able to perform my job," said Camisha Chambers, who works at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

The lack of parking will not only affect workers, but companies, as well.

Jenny white owns 'BOOST...for meetings sake,' an off-site meeting facility with more than 8,000-square feet in a restored building right across from the future casino.

Her clients consist of many large companies in the Tri-state.

"Even though I'm a small business, I make an impact to the Fortune 500 companies here in town," said White.

White has been working with city officials since the casino issue passed last November, trying to piece together enough parking spaces so she can keep her clients.

She's hoping her company and the casino can partner together in the future to bring more people to Over the Rhine.

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