Last minute push for Lakota levy

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email
WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - Students and parents in the Lakota district are working tirelessly as the clock keeps ticking before voters hit the polls.  Hundreds attended a "Honk for Lakota" rally at several busy intersections Monday.
"Our community is our schools, if we don't support the community then there goes the schools," said Kathy Cook, who has children in the district.
Lakota moms have been at it non-stop -- putting out yards signs, hosting forums, and making posters, they say no effort is great enough when comes to ensuring and excellent education for their kids.
"We're as lean as we can be, the next round of cuts that would be coming would truly effect every kid in the classroom," said Donna Leslie, a Lakota mom.
The district is askng voters to pass a 7.9 mill levy that would last 10 years, homeowners pay $242  per $100,000 in home value. The district is facing a $10 million dollar deficit and has already laid of 75 employees.
If the levy fails the district could move to a six day period at  the high schools, lay off 130 teacher and cut high school busing.
Opponents of the levy are also passing out their flyers, saying a no vote doesn't force Columbus to address the school funding issues, instead of continuing to come to the taxpayers for help.
"We don't want Lakota to fail, this isn't about saying no to our schools, no to our kids and their education and their future, we're saying you have $160 million budget, live within that budget," said Rich Hoffman, who's against the levy.
More than 60 percent of voters said no to the Lakota levy in May.

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