Lakota School Levy fails

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) -   Voters in the Lakota district rejected their school levy for the second time this year.

Amid tears and hugs supporters thanked volunteers for their hard work on the campaign after the results came in -- they say they're already looking ahead to start working on the next levy.

"We'll find out tomorrow when the next levy campaign begins, and in my opinion it begins tomorrow," said levy chair Cheryl Conaway-Nelson.

About 54 percent of voters said no to the levy, 46 voted in favor. Supporters are still optimistic about making some improvements from the May levy, which was rejected by nearly 62 percent of voters.

"Obviously we are deeply disappointed that we weren't able to pass this much needed levy, we are encouraged that we were able to improve the gap between those for and those against significantly from the results in May, but we'll continue to try to communicate the message of how necessary additional local revenue is,"said John Wayne of the Lakota Finance Committee.
Cuts in the district are set to start as early as January, starting with eliminating high school busing and limited busing for K-12. The district could also lay off 130 staff members next year and students will see larger class sizes.

The Lakota school district is the second largest in the area. The levy was highly debated by people within the school district.

The final vote was 21,272 against and 18,525 for.

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