Steve Chabot returns to the House

Steve Chabot
Steve Chabot

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Steve Chabot has beaten incumbent Steve Driehaus in the race for Driehaus' US House seat.

The Ohio Republican had been the Representative for Ohio District 1 for 14 years before losing the seat in 2008 to Driehaus.

Driehaus conceded the race at about 11PM from his watch party at Taquiera Mercado restaurant downtown. Flanked by family a supporters Driehaus spoke to the crowd.

"We ran a good campaign," said Driehaus. He went on to reflect on the race, which had been tight right up until election day. "We will be back, " he said.

Driehaus won the race for Ohio's first district in 2008 as part of the "Obama Wave" which brought increased voter turnout to the polls on election day. Prior to serving in the House, Driehaus was a representative in Ohio's state House.

During the 2010 election, Driehaus was forced to defend his votes for the economic stimulus package and health care reform.

At Chabot's victory party, he named healthcare reform as one of the leading causes of the Democrat's demise.  He said he does not trust many of the Democrats OR Republicans in office right now.  He said Republicans now have to truly step-up their game.  That there won't be a third time to get things right.

We asked Chabot and his wife Donna about their 93' Buick with close to 200-thousand miles on it, would he be trading-it in any time soon?  He said it is still running fine and that keeping something that works is being fiscally conservative and responsible.  The same fiscal conservatism he'd bring back to Congress.

Chabot went on to say there is a lot of work to do, from fixing a tax bill, to getting the American people back to work.

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