Job and Family Services sees uptick in child endangering cases

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Jaimee McClure's the latest Tristate mom accused of endangering her children. Police say back in September, her three kids were home alone at a house on Lester Road. Court documents say a neighbor called police to report that at least one child had started skateboarding on the roof.

McClure appeared in court on the charges Wednesday.

"There's not doubt that what we are dealing with is very complex," says Brian Gregg with Hamilton County Job and Family Services. Gregg says this is just the latest case.

Back in September, Jessica Gamble was accused of taking cell phone video of her two-year-old child smoking pot. Late last month police charged another woman, Madisonville's Valerie Cecil, with teaching her three children to smoke the drug.

"It's actually good to have a public light on them because when people see these things happening and then they seem them happeNing somewhere else, they say, oh that was just in the paper, that was just on TV, that's abuse and I'm going to report it," says Gregg.

Brian Gregg says, nook doubt, there's been an uptick in child endangering cases.

He has some ideas why.

"It used to be that if we felt the child was unsafe with mom, we could turn to grandma, or to an aunt, but we're finding that they layers of dysfunction in families are multiple," says Gregg.

Back on Lester Road, disbelief about this latest case.

"She kept an eye on her children. She loves her children dearly as far as I could tell," says Shirley Bybee, McClure's neighbor. .

McClure is charged now with three counts of felony child endangering. Police say the kids were aged 5,8 and 12 at the time of this incident

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