Failed Mason levy could mean cuts

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MASON, OH (FOX19) - District officials are down but they're not out. Officials say the failure of the districts 6.95 mill levy means some serious evaluations will have to be made that could lead to some deep cuts.

Mason School Board Vice President Kevin Wise said with state funding reductions looming and a failed levy, the district will have to make tough decisions. Those decisions could include reductions to staffing and programs, especially those not mandated by the state.

"There are things we have chosen to do here, some of which we need to maintain and maybe invest more in, but some maybe that we need to let go," said Wise.

"At this point I am not worried about my job in any way, because I feel like if you go in to work everyday whether there is a levy up or not, your doing the best you can, you should have to worry about that," said Lauren Taggart, 8th grade Spanish teacher.

The district already has in place a 10-year plan which includes $70 million in reductions. With the failing levy, those reductions could be accelerated.

"We were going to continue those reductions whether we passed yesterday or not. Now the question is, how do we keep the confidence of the community," said Wise.

"We have a 10-year plan in place," said Tracey Carson, district spokesperson. "So we will be evaluating that and trying to figure out where can we go deeper in some of those reductions and what are some of the academic targets we can scale back."

District officials report losing over $1 million over the past two years in state funding. They expect that trend to continue. Officials said to get the money needed to operate the district, another levy could be on the ballot soon.

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