Suspicious fire destroys home in Hanover Township

Source: Jim Lakes
Source: Jim Lakes

HANOVER TOWNSHIP (FOX19) - Several fire units were called to a home in the 1100 block of Beissinger Road Sunday morning.

Investigators are claiming the fire is suspicious. One man, the homeowner, was inside when the home caught fire but got out safely.

"Supposedly a log had rolled out of the fireplace, and caught the walls on fire. The carpet, and well, the house was full of smoke. He made his way upstairs and out the door, then ran across to the neighbors house and banged on the windows, could not get anybody, entered their back door and called 911," says Philip Clark with the Hanover Township Fire Department.

The residents of the home are not strangers to police and fire activity.

About two and a half years ago, a barn caught fire on the property.

Then, back in August, this same home was invaded and the homeowner shot the two men who broke in and killed one. Police ruled the incident a case of self-defense, and the homeowner was never charged. It has not been confirmed that the fire was connected to the home invasion.

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