The YWCA of Greater Cincinnati Announces 2010 Rising Stars

By Mark Shuller - Email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) — The YWCA of Greater Cincinnati is pleased to announce the selection of the 2010 class of Rising Stars. Created by the YWCA Academy of Career Women of Achievement, the Rising Star program is for younger career women (age 25-40) in pursuit of excellence in their careers. The Academy consists of women who have received the YWCA Career Women of Achievement Award over the past 32 years. Now in its ninth year, the Rising Star program has grown into a well-established and highly respected honor.

Forty-four women, all of whom were nominated by Academy members and the YWCA board of directors, have been selected as Rising Stars. The YWCA Rising Star program co-chairs are Yvonne Gray Washington, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer for United Way, and Melissa West-Koistila, Magistrate for Hamilton County Municipal Court.  Yvonne is a member of the Academy of Career Women of Achievement, and Melissa serves on the YWCA's Board of Directors and was honored as a Rising Star in 2003.

YWCA Academy and Board members nominate younger career women for the award.  Nomination criteria include having the qualities of an outstanding performer and demonstrating a potential to attain marked achievement in her chosen career. Specifically, Rising Stars were identified as younger professional women with proven leadership qualities who would benefit from interaction with Academy members and other Rising Stars.

National studies have shown that this is the first generation of young women professionals that have a substantial base of existing, high-level career women as potential mentors. By allowing the Rising Stars the to interact and network with career women of diverse backgrounds, this program provides these younger leaders with the opportunity to receive priceless advice and build relationships that will enhance their ability to further their career success.

On October 13, 2010 the new class of Rising Stars attended a roundtable discussion event, featuring topics of discussion that are relevant to younger women climbing the ladder of success. Each topic was facilitated by two members of the Academy of Career Women of Achievement. After the roundtable event, the Rising Stars attended the Academy's Fall Induction Dinner where the 2010 YWCA Career Women of Achievement were inducted into the Academy.

The keynote speaker for the dinner was Janet Jackson, President & CEO of United Way of Central Ohio. The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.