Students learning about finances during the Accounting for Kids Day

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -- Twelve Cincinnati Public Schools will put their math skills to the test in the 11th annual Accounting for Kids Day event on Wednesday.

This is the largest Accounting for Kids Day(AFK Day) so far with about 3,200 elementary students learning how to make smart financial decisions and becoming savvy consumers. 650 Cincinnati business and financial professionals will bring real-world investing and saving concepts to life for students.

For the first time this year, volunteers for AFK Day will be bringing a supply of donated coats, hats and gloves collected for the children.

"Accounting for Kids Day uses fun and engaging methods to introduce youngsters to economic fundamentals," says CPS Superintendent Mary Ronan. "It is partnerships like Accounting for Kids that have helped Cincinnati Public Schools raise academic achievement across the district."

Ohio law requires school districts to provide students with financial literacy education before they graduate from high school.