New digital way to get high without the drugs worries parents

(FOX19)  - Some parents have faced this in the past, while others may struggle with it in the future; it is a frequency frenzy making noise all over the internet. It is called I-dosing and some are using it as a way to feel like you are high without breaking the law.

Based on the demonstrations on websites like Youtube, it is becoming popular among teenagers and young adults. All they have to do is put on headphones, plug in and wait as one sound is piped into one ear and a different sound into the other.   

We asked psychologist Burt Pitts to listen in. According to Dr. Pitts, this so called digital drug can change your mood.

"There are not many things that catch me off guard but, um this one... I thought wow," said Dr. Pitts upon hearing the sounds."Sometimes it feels like a high, sometimes it can feel like you are sedated or drunk."

Pitts warns just because it is legal doesn't mean its healthy.

"Staring into a strobe light, not a good idea. It's legal but you may have a seizure," said Pitts. " This is not music, it is much more specific. It is using different frequencies of sound. Sometimes different frequencies are going into each ear, but are designed specifically to stimulate certain brain waves. When you can alter your brain waves, you can alter your consciousness"

It seems I-dosing is an old concept in a new online package. Pitts says the sounds are basically binaural beats which were discovered in the 1800's. They have been used for meditation and even religious chants. This is the first he has heard of people using the process to "get high" and Pitts worries what this could lead to.

So, after hearing and seeing all of this should parents get alarmed? Not yet, Pitts suggests that you first get educated, then get nosey and do not feel guilty about it.

Parents have to do whatever they can to at least be aware of what your teen is doing," said Pitts. "Be as aware as you can to what they are visiting on the internet."

If you are not computer savvy, there are devices you can buy that will help you track your teen's online activity.

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