Police warn that scammers are targeting Oxford

OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - Police are investigating several reports of scams in the Oxford area.

Police say the first report of a scam happened at 526 Sandra Drive, when police say two men told 96-year-old Dorothy Shilling her trees had dangerous branches and that she needed to rake her yard.

They offered to do it for her.

Polices say she paid them $1800 and the two men didn't deliver.

"The one car stopped first, and then, no one came to the door right away so they went on and then I looked out and saw another vehicle," says Melissa Gibbons who now things she saw the scam happen.

She lives in this house across the street with her husband and has a young family.

"We thought well, maybe they were supposed to come, but we didn't know. And then, they didn't do much and the work they just left and the work didn't look very good and we both thought it was pretty bad," says Gibbons.

This is just one of many such cases right now in the area. Cincinnati police are still on the lookout for 45-year-old Larry Haynes. Investigators say he has conned money out of more then a dozen victims, using the guise of being an appliance repairman. The Haynes case has not been linked to the investigation by Oxford police, but for the folks in this Oxford neighborhood, that doesn't matter.

"You just never know who's going to come up and I'm home all day with my two kids and I worry about that kind of stuff too, I am leary to come to the door because you just don't know," says Gibbons.

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