Toyota hosts 21st Annual Opportunity Exchange in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -- The Reverend Jesse Jackson made a stop in Cincinnati Wednesday morning. Jackson spent time with Toyota at its 21st annual Opportunity Exchange at the Duke Energy Center.

"Toyota is growing for the simple reason of inclusion. When you limit the marketplace in terms of women and the minority participation, you limit growth. We want to do more private sector business growth," says Jackson.

To make a Toyota automobile, it takes plastic suppliers, human resource experts and janitorial services. Toyota works with companies based on a two tier system. Tier One companies work directly with the auto giant, while Tier Two companies work and contract with Tier One.

"Sometimes its easier to start off working for a company as large as Toyota as a Tier Two. You can start off with a smaller piece of the business, learn how to do business for us, learn how to produce our products and then be able to expand your footprint within our supply base, " says Adrienne Trimble, a Toyota Manager of Supplier Diversity.

After 21 years of Opportunity Exchanges based in Cincinnati, Toyota suppliers says businesses are growing and contracts are being made.

"Coming back every year to this event has helped us tremendously in building those relationships and meeting new potential clients so every year we walk away from here with at least one new customer," says Rosa Santana, CEO of Integrated Human Capitol. Santana started as a Tier Two company working with Toyota and has worked her way up to Tier One.

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