Widow honors fallen soldier in unique way

Joseph Bauer
Joseph Bauer

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - On Veterans Day, we remember and honor those who have served and continue to fight for our country.

A Clermont County woman has her own unique way of honoring her husband, who was killed in Afghanistan over the summer.

Army Spc. Joseph Bauer was killed when his convoy was hit by an IED in Afghanistan on July 24.

Since Bauer's death, his wife, Misty, has been honoring in a way for everyone to see.

"I just want him to know, my husband that I will always remember him, always," says Misty.

Exactly one month after his death, she took his urn back to Washington state, where he first saw the ocean.

"I took him there, took him on the beach wrote his name in the sand....it made me feel better. I'm not remembering the day he died but remembering his life on the day he died," Misty says.

Although the two were born in Clermont County, they lived in Washington. So for the next three months, together they visited special places again.

"We used to take the dog and run up and down up there. There was no sand, it's the inlets of Puget sound, but there were rocks, so I wrote his name in rocks...So I leave his name everywhere I go on the 24th day."

Last month she went back to a park where they took pictures together when Joseph was home on leave.

"It's a really pretty park...There was no sand, no rocks, but there were leaves, so I left his name written in leaves."

Veterans Day, Misty was back home. She returned to Newport for the first time since her husbands death to a place full of emotions.

"I still love him very much. I'm very proud of him, and he truthfully is my hero. I know people say that all the time about their soldiers but he truthfully is my hero. I just want him to be everyone's hero."

Misty is in the process of finding a home in Cincinnati to be closer to her family as well as Joseph's.

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