Seven indicted for credit card scam

SPRINGDALE, OH (FOX19) - Seven local men have been indicted in an elaborate credit card scam that is affecting people across the country.

Springdale Police have been working with the United States Secret Service for over a year, investigating the scam. police

Police say the men obtain credit card numbers, then encode the numbers on magnetic strips on the back of debit cards and gift cards.

"It's just so easy to obtain a credit card account, whether a person lives here or not," said Lt. Michael Mathis with Springdale Police.

It's a scam police say they have seen before.

"We stopped these people in a car, they had a laptop computer and skimming device," said Mathis. "It turns out that computer had a lot of credit card information. It was clear that they had gift cards and were doing the same thing."

Police say once the numbers are encoded onto the debit or gift cards, it works the same as a credit card.

"They are swiped and the credit card information would go through and charge against your account," said Mathis. "Then they were buying merchandise or legitimate gift cards from these retailers."

Combined, the seven men face over 120 charges, including possession of criminal tools and credit card fraud. None of them have been arrested, and police are still not sure how the seven men obtained the credit card information.

To make sure your credit card information is not stolen, be sure to secure your cards in a purse or wallet, and only purchase items online from a secure site.

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