Parents camp out for children's education

CLIFTON, OH (FOX19) - Open enrollment for Cincinnati Public's magnet schools doesn't begin until Tuesday, but some parents are already camping out to make sure their child gets in.

A row of tents is lined up at Fairview German Language School, one of the most coveted magnet schools out of the 21 in the district.

To get their children into magnet schools, parents must physically go to the school and put in an application. That's the reason for the camp out. Some are open to anyone, and others are restricted to where you live.

Parents say the long wait is a small sacrifice to sleeping out in the cold.

"That pales in comparison, I'd base jump if that's what it takes," said parent Rickey Bolden "Nothing I won't do for my sons."

Only about 75 students will be let into the school. At 8 a.m. Friday, 64 parents' names were already on the list.

There are complaints that this is unfair to parents who can't get here or can't get off work to stand in line on enrollment day. CPS officials have contemplated changing the policy, but nothing different has been done yet.

The early application period is open, but that's for siblings of students already enrolled in a magnet school.

The regular application period opens up at midnight on Tuesday.

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