Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market open for the weekend at Duke Energy Center

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Christmas holiday pretty much eclipses Thanksgiving anymore, with retailers gearing-up seemingly earlier and earlier each year.

But if you're already ready to get your shopping groove on, the Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market is the place to be this weekend, at the Duke Energy Center.

It may feel warm and Spring-like outside, but inside the Duke Energy Center, things are even hotter, with all the coolest new stuff retailers have to try and wow you for the holidays.

They're hoping you'll spend a bundle this year.

"I hand-make all the soaps myself with natural oils, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil and of course, lye, sodium hydroxide," said Owner, Renee Selby, who hopes her soaps clean-up this holiday season.

Her Assistant Gina Pennington swears by the stuff.

"Oh yes, and my skin is wonderful and smooth," Pennington said. "It's very moisturizing and I absolutely love it and you don't have to wear lotion after it."

There are aisles and aisles to explore and prices are all over the place. From just a few dollars for embroidered goods, to bigger ticket items like jewelry.

"We're doing extremely well," said Paolo Salamone of Paolo, A Modern Jeweler in the Gaslight/Clifton area. "Because we hand-make each piece and we're Cincinnati owned and operated and we're creating whatever they like within their price range."

There are plenty of snuggly items to keep you toasty.

One of the hottest trends, alpaca believe it or not.

"It's one of the best fibers in the world," said Silvia Montero of Montero Native Art in Columbus, OH. "It's very lightweight and it really keeps you warm."

All of the colors, for example in a pair of alpaca mittens we saw, looked incredibly brilliant. "These are actual colors of the alpaca," Montero said. "Nothing has been dyed."

There are all sorts of terrific foods, chocolates and toffees, sold by a fine Irish retailer name Denny Flaherty, of Flaherty's Candy, from Michigan, this being his first time in Cincy.

"Super buttery, wow, got milk chocolate in it, fresh pecans, absolutely scrumptious," Flaherty said.

"And of course, this is all like, fat-free," we joked. "I'm sure, well quality calories and upscale fat of course, yes!"

"Because the upscale fat doesn't do nearly the damage," we laughed. "That is correct," he said.

Right next door to his booth at Herbalife, it's all about the low-cal protein shakes versus that upscale fat.

"We just keep smiling and winking," said Owner, Tommy Mac. "We just keep smiling because you know what? When they're ready, they're ready and we're here for them."

Or if you're looking for that gift to keep your family safe, maybe check out Nite Brite reflective signs.

"It's something that's used everyday," said Tommy Wright. "Even if it's just family members trying to find you, unless you want to hide from those relatives it's not such a good thing!," he laughed.

"The traffic today has been a little down," said Nancy Fullerton of Lighthouse Apparel in Cincinnati. "But we're hoping tomorrow will be better, the weather supposed to be nice and Sunday's gonna be a little rainy so hopefully people will come inside and shop!"

So, whatever you're in the market for, you're sure to find it here at the holiday market at the Duke Energy Center, which runs until Sunday at 5 o'clock PM.

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