Store clerk survives brutal attack

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PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - Around 7:30 Friday morning, three masked gunmen stormed into the Marathon Gas Station. Cincinnati Police said the gunmen fired between two and four shots. Two of those shots hit the store clerk, 59 year old Yousef Ibrahim.

Surveillance video shows two masked gunmen enter the store followed by a third suspect. The two men instantly point their guns toward the store clerk, and then move toward the counter. The third man then approaches the counter, and begins stealing items. A little later you can see the defenseless store clerk being pushed out of the store by the gunmen.

During the attack, police say the 59 year old clerk was shot in the upper chest and in the back. Police said the wounds were not life threatening, and that Ibrahim had enough strength to go to the District 3 Police Station a few blocks away for help.

But acts of violence like this doesn't surprise long time Price Hill resident Latiaa Woods.

Woods said, "Prostitution, drug sales, lots of robberies. Anything that could possibly go wrong it will happen here."

Woods said she knows the Marathon employees and was surprised to hear about the attack. Woods said crime started getting bad in the area three years ago, and has forced her to take drastic measures.

"I'm a licensed fire arm carrier, so I don't fear anything at this point," said Woods. "But I have to have it to protect my family."

Police said the three black men got away with cash and phone cards. Capt. Russ Neville said they have some solid leads in the case but no arrests have been made. Yousef is out of the hospital and is doing fine.