CSEA gains about $57,000 in child support after legal battle

HAMILTON, Ohio (FOX19) - The Butler County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) was able to back child support for a family in the tri-state area after a long legal battle with a bank.

The family had set up a deal with the CSEA that their house would serve as child support payments. When the women who owned the house could not pay her mortgage, the bank tried to take the property. The CSEA said that the home could not be taken because the house was part of a child support agreement.

CSEA spent the last 4 years in a legal battle with the bank over the house. They were able to win the case.

"With more than 30,000 cases in Butler County, it can sometimes feel like we are just spinning our wheels," said CSEA Executive Director Cynthia Brown, "But then a case comes along like this one and you realize that every once in while those spinning wheels produce remarkable results. Had it not been for the due diligence, passion and many hours of work put in by CSEA Attorney Dave Kirschieper, these children would not have received the monies that were due to them."

The CSEA gained $56,984.69 for the children.

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