Inmate loses work detail after offering to pay parking ticket

Darron McClair (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Darron McClair (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - An enterprising work detail inmate who attempted to profit from a Justice Center visitor attempting to pay off a parking ticket will spend the rest of his sentence behind bars.

Monday afternoon, a person entered the center to pay a parking ticket.  He didn't know where the office was located so he asked the man who was near the front door.  That man, according to the Hamilton County Sheriff's office, was Darron McClair of Cincinnati.  McClair told the man he would take care of the $120 ticket and waive the $4 receipt fee if he didn't require a receipt.

The victim then got suspicious and went to Court Service Deputies manning the security post in the Justice Center.  McClair was located and identified as an inmate on a work detail program.  McClair had nine days of service on a 10 day sentence for resisting arrest and theft.

Due to overcrowding at the Justice Center, and the non-violent nature of the offense, McClair was placed on a work detail program; he is allowed to return home in the evening but must work at the Justice Center during the daytime hours.

The victim got his money back and requested no prosecution.  However, due to his transgression, McClair will now be completing his sentence inside the Justice Center.

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