UC students warned about car break-ins

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)--In just a few minutes on the stretch of Martin Luther King Drive that goes through UCs campus, FOX19 found five cars with valuables inside that could be easily seen.

Campus police and Cincinnati police say thieves are targeting many of the cars. Stephanie Gepford says her friend is one of the victims.

"They actually went through her window, so she has to go through her insurance and get the window replaced," say Stephanie.

Both campus police and Cincinnati police say far too many of the parked cars ringing campus have valuables unattended and visible inside.

"I guess people are just getting kind of lazy and leaving their valuables out. Don't leave anything out," says UC student Kelly Carledge. She had that advice as she fed the meter for the parking spot she'd just pulled her MIni Cooper into.

Meanwhile up the street, Charles Sams had concern for his daughter,  who is also a UC student.

"Check her surroundings, always look behind her, and we'll possibly be getting her a can of mace as well," says Charles of the advice he's now giving her.

So far it's only property that's been taken from the cars.

"I had no idea that this was a widespread phenomenon. I thought it was just my friend," says Stephanie.

But now that she does know, Stephanie says she will work harder to keep safe.