Accident victim asks court to go easy on woman who caused crash

Scott Lane
Scott Lane

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A man who lost part of his leg in a motorcycle crash made an unusual plea to the court system.

Scott Lane asked the judge to give the woman who caused the crash a break.

Investigators say Amber Schwartz was high on prescription drugs when she crashed into Lane in May.

"She's got a drug problem, three kids and the last thing in the world I want to see is three little kids being raised without a mother because of something like this," said Lane.

On Monday, Lane signed off the terms of plea deal with Schwartz that included no jail time. She'll enter a treatment program for three to six months, serve five years probation, and have no drivers license for three years.

"In my eyes a drug problem is something we can help," said Lane. "No matter no much jail time she got, my leg's not going to grow back."

In the beginning, Lane says he thought they should throw away the key, but he couldn't help thinking of her family.

"Some people say they can't believe I feel that way but I have a lot of compassion for her family," he said.

Lane is just a few weeks away from getting a prosthetic leg, and he is in the process of creating a 716 mile charity bike race to raise money for youth amputees.

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