Police warn UC students about car break-ins

CLIFTON, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police and the University of Cincinnati are warning students about a recent rash of car break-ins around campus.

Over the last few days, police say they have taken several reports around campus, including five on Monday.

Police say too many drivers in the area are leaving valuables visible in their cars.

"I guess people are just getting kind of lazy and leaving their valuables out. Don't leave anything out," said Kelly Cartledge, a UC student.

Charles Sams has a daughter at UC and says he's been giving her tips on how to keep safe.

"Check her surroundings, always look behind her, and we'll possibly be getting her a can of mace as well," said Sams.

So far, it's only property that's been taken from the cars, but police say they want everyone to be careful and to not give any thief an opportunity to commit a crime.

"I had no idea that this was a widespread phenomenon," said Stephanie Gepford, whose friend recently had her car broken into.

Stephanie's friend said thieves broke her car window and stole her curling iron.

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