Edible centerpieces from Kia Crittenden

Turkey Snack

Clementine or navel orange
Dried apricot
Peanut butter or cream cheese
Mini chocolate chips
Dried cranberry
1. Arrange apple and clementine or navel orange slices on a plate, and lay a cored pear half on top.
2. Use scissors to halve a dried apricot, then snip small triangles from each half and tuck them under the pear to form the feet.
3. Finally, use peanut butter or softened cream cheese to attach mini chocolate chip eyes, a cashew beak, and a dried cranberry snood.

Edible Centerpiece (Children's Table)
Bosc pear (head)
Melon (body)
Cheese (beak and tail feathers)
Red pepper (snood, feet and side feathers)
Raisins (eyes)
Grapes (tail feathers)
Bamboo skewers

1. Stabilize the melon body by cutting a shallow slice off the rind to form a flat base. Using a section of bamboo skewer, attach a Bosc pear head to the melon.
2. Cut a cheese triangle beak and red pepper snood. Attach both, along with raisin eyes, to the head with sections of toothpick.
3. Cut red pepper feet and set them in place. For tail feathers, skewer cheese cubes and red grapes, then insert the skewers. Pin pepper side feathers in place with toothpicks.

Edible Centerpiece (Adult's Table)
1 Craft pumpkin or real pie pumpkin
Bamboo skewers
2 Real mini ornamental pumpkins
2 Pomegranates
Fall leaf garland
Assorted vegetables in yellow, orange, red, and green
Ranch Dressing

1. Use your imagination to put your vegetables on the skewers in creative ways. You can use something metal like a nail or metal skewer to poke holes in your pumpkin where you want your vegetable skewers to go.  You can make some of the skewers a day in advance. It's best to wait until the day of your function to put your tomatoes on the skewers. Place skewers in the refrigerator until you are ready to set out your center piece.
2. Cut off the top of the ornamental pumpkins and clean out the insides.  Fill them with Ranch dressing or other dips.
3. Arrange the garland in a spiral under your pumpkin like a place mat. Arrange your ornamental pumpkins with dip around and place pomegranates between as filler.