Ind. homeowners debate bow and arrow use to thin deer population

LAWRENCEBURG, IN (FOX19) - Homeowners in Lawrenceburg are disagreeing over how to thin out a growing deer population.

The Property Owners Association at Hidden Valley Lake says it took a survey of homeowners about a couple years ago asking about thinning out the deer population and it says 83 percent of people thought it was a good idea.

Hidden Valley Lake homeowner Steve Fetzer says the deer population is too high and it's about time the community does something about it.

"We can't grow anything in the yard, we plant plants in the backyard and they actually jump the fence to eat them so, there's just too many of them," Fetzer says.

The Property Owners Association says the neighborhood should have about 50 to 60 deer but it estimates there are now 450 to 500 deer. So last month the association started allowing hunters to use bow and arrow to hunt deer Monday through Friday.

One homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, has some concerns about this policy.

"The community says that its safe because its only during the week when the kids are in school however there are home school kids and there are preschool kids who might want to take a walk in the woods on a sunny fall day."

She also says the hunting is cruel and deer are suffering. She remembers seeing a deer wounded with an arrow sticking through its back.

However, community manager Bruce Keller isn't as worried.

"Not every hit on a deer is going to be perfect. 10 percent of the deer that have been shot have left the zone that they were in to be found another day dying or dead," Keller says.

The Property Owners Association says so far 75 deer have been killed but it is hoping to hunt 200-250 by the end of the hunting season.

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