Jacob Bumpass to stay behind bars

Jacob Bumpass (Source: Kenton County Jail)
Jacob Bumpass (Source: Kenton County Jail)

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - The man who last saw missing teen Paige Johnson was in court Wednesday for a parole hearing.

Jacob Bumpass is behind bars for a parole violation. He is not facing any charges in connection with the disappearance of 17-year-old Paige Johnson.

Judge Nancy Barber found probable cause in three of the seven counts Bumpass is facing - use of a controlled substance, use of alcohol and possession of alcohol.

The judge heard testimony from parole officers, Covington Police, Andrea Stetter, the cousin of Paige Johnson, and Donna Johnson, Paige's mother.

Johnson and Stetter both testified that Bumpass admitted to giving Paige alcohol the night she disappeared.

Barber deferred a final hearing to the Kenton County Parole Board. That hearing will be held in 2 to 4 weeks.

Paige Johnson was last seen in Covington on Sept. 23.

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