Clerk robbed twice by same man

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Being robbed once can be a terrifying experience, but imagine getting robbed twice by the same guy.

A store clerk in Middletown knows what it's like. She's been robbed twice in one month by the same guy, and police say the suspect has struck at least six times throughout Butler County over the last six weeks.

On Oct. 4, the BP Express Drive-Thru on the corner of Grand Avenue and Breiel Street was robbed at gunpoint. The same thing happened again on Nov. 12.

"The same robber came in again, shoved the gun at me, it was a shotgun and said, 'You know the drill,'" said Jacqueline Pheanis, who was working at the drive-thru during both robberies.

Pheanis said she was terrified the first time, and angry when it happened again.

"I was furious, I was so mad," said said. "And I actually hesitated and he put his finger on the trigger and pointed at me. And I went ahead and opened the drawer and gave him the money.

Middletown Police say the man is the same person responsible for robbing four other businesses in early October, including the American Value Inn in Middletown and a Waffle House in West Chester.

"We hadn't heard anything from him and thought he was away from the area, then we get hit again Friday night, same guy," said Det. David Swartzel with Middletown Police.

No one has been hurt in any of the robberies. Police say the white male appears to be acting alone in all but one of the robberies.

"We kind of believe he is bouncing around the interstate and he might be from out of the area," said Swartzel.

"I actually expect him to come back," said Pheanis. "I mean we are ole pals now. If they don't catch him I expect him to come back, I really do."

Pheanis says she is now nervous at her job, but she doesn't plan on finding a new career.

"My family wants me to find another job but I have done this for so long and I am good at it and I like it," she said.

Police say they received several calls with leads but none of those panned out, so they are urging anyone who might recognize the man or have information to call them.

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