The "app" diet

(FOX19/WBTV) - Losing weight isn't easy, we all know that.  Trying to do it with a buddy makes it a little easier.  Sometimes, though, you don't want to tell your diet partner that you ate the cheesecake.

We found dozens of diet partners that don't judge.  They're tucked away in your smart phone.  Applications that help you count calories, log your exercise, and stay on track.

We asked four women to live with a different app for one week and report back on not only their weight loss, but also how helpful the apps were in keeping on the straight and narrow.

"Before you spend any money on these applications, try the free versions because the free ones are actually very good," said dietician Lauren Hatcher.

Our testers followed her advice, for the most part, and chose three free apps and one that cost $2.99.

Katie is already on Weight Watchers so she tried the Weight Watchers free app for her iPhone.

Eleanor tried Lose It! for her iPhone.

Becca put SparkPeople on her Droid.

Courtney is the only one who paid for her app.  She shelled out $2.99 for the LIVESTRONG calorie counter.

"If you log your food and do it 6 to 7 days a week you're going to lose twice as much weight than if you didn't write down what you are eating.  However, if you want to use these apps really effectively you have to spend a little time figuring out how big your servings are," Hatcher said.

She added that underestimating your serving size will throw your calorie count way off and will make the applications somewhat ineffective.

After one week, all four women said they really enjoyed using the apps and they all helped them stay on track.  Watch the video on this page to see what they liked and didn't like about the apps.

Of the four apps, two were standouts.  Both the LIVESTRONG app and the Weight Watchers app got the best reviews.

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