Dissolving Little Miami School board is an option

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

MORROW, OH (FOX19) - Could the Little Miami School District go away? Administrators say that's becoming more of a possibility, as the likelihood of a levy passing is little to none.

"Dissolving a district is an option if you can no longer sustain the district financially," said superintendent Dan Bennett.
Bennett says that's the Law under Ohio Revised Code -- students have already seen cuts to busing ,sports and extra curriculars, now the entire district could be dissolved if another levy isn't passed.
"A possibility is that if they dissolved our district, the surrounding districts would not only have to take our children, but they would also have to take our debt," said school board member Bobbie Grice.
The district's borrowing capacity could already be maxed out in the next couple of years -- school leaders say they'll fight to keep the district in tact.
"Not having a Little Miami Local School district is not acceptable to me, it's worth fighting for," Bennett said.
"I don't want to see our district dissolved," Grice said.
Grice says dissolving the district could cost even more for tax payers than a levy would.
"All the surrounding districts have higher tax bases than we do, so they would be paying more," Grice said.
Board are now preparing to organize a meeting with neighboring districts.
"There are some neighboring district that are very concerned about our situation,and we've talked," Bennett said.
The school board hopes to get some answers from the state commission at this Tuesday's meeting, about how to proceed after this latest failed levy .

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