Police warn against scammers in Clifton

CLIFTON, OH (FOX19) -- Cincinnati Police are working with a local neighborhood watch group to track down a number of scammers.

Police are looking for four young white females, ages 18-22 and a young black male. Neighbors say the scammers are going door to door asking for money for a sick grandmother or say they are raising money for a trip to London for a university trip.

"One guy even had somebody try and come in his back door, possibly entered the back door but did nothing was taken, he didn't see anybody but its something to be aware of," said Mike Ramundo, a Clifton resident.

Cincinnati Police say one scammer even tried to enter a person's home through an un-locked back door in the Lafayette neighborhood off Clifton Avenue.

If you have any information contact Lisa Johnson at (513) 569-8507 or at lisa.johnson@cincinnati-oh.gov.

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