Sex offender roundup leads to several arrests

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - "It's pretty serious and pretty scary," says federal marshal Craig Shelton on the 20 convicted sex offenders his agency and others cannot find - sex offenders that are now fugitives from justice.

"A lot of these guys are everything from rape 1 to you know, various offenses so there's a lot of bad individuals, we need to know where they're at and nobody knows where they're at," says Shelton.

Operation Harvest was a check of 325 registered sex offenders living in Northern Kentucky.

"This is the first time the U.S. Marshal's Service in Eastern Kentucky in Covington has done one of these sweeps," says Shelton.

Police fanned out over Covington, Newport, and many other spots. It was a broad check that ended in some arrests.

Five people - Robert Wagoner,  Donald Berkemeyer, Robert Morgan, Jennifer Sapp and Tim Guilkey - were all taken in for not being in compliance with registry laws. Seven more people were arrested for other charges.

"They either had drugs in the house, felony you know possessions of a firearms, and other things that they weren't supposed to be doing," says Shelton.

Shelton says it all serves as a good time to remind people that the sex offender registry in Kentucky can easily be found online.

"That's a public site, it doesn't cost anything that people can get and check and see if someone is in their neighborhood. They also can contact their local law enforcement agency get a list of sex offenders in the area," says Shelton.

As for those sex offenders the police could not "harvest" during this check, police say warrants are out for their arrest.

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