Is there cash hiding in your home?

(FOX19/WOIO) - You might have riches in your home, and not even know it. But if you look hard enough, you may find yourself on a gold mine.@

Here are a few secret places in your home to secure some cash.

1. Product recalls and class action settlements

Often you hear about a company recalling a product, and offering to fix the problem, or giving you cash. Even if you don't think you have something, do some research on the Internet.

An Ohio resident found her lawnmower manufacturer had mislabeled the horsepower, and if a claim was submitted, the owner got $35.

2. Rare toys

Rare toys are another hidden find. You may never think a little piece of plastic could be worth so much.

"The most important thing is scarcity, regarding a toy's value, and the next important thing and it's close to scarcity is condition," said toy store owner Steve Presser.

3. Sports Memorabilia

You never know what that baseball you caught 15 years ago might be worth. Hit up eBay, Craigslist, or a professional appraiser to find its worth.

4. Antiques

Grandma's old clothes, or the stained glass windows about to be thrown out during home remodeling -- might be worth something.

"Before you get rid of something, why not bring it in -- see if it's worth a few bucks, you might be surprised," said Christina Attenson, an antique store owner.

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