AirCare called to crash involving school bus

ST. LEON, IN (FOX19) - The driver of a pickup truck than ran into a Suman Dearborn County School bus was transported to University Hospital by AirCare Friday afternoon.

The bus was not carrying students.

The driver of the bus was transported by to the Dearborn County Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The Dearborn County Sheriff's Department says the driver of a pickup truck ran into the side of the bus at the intersection of State Route 1 and Old State Route 1.  The bus was stopped at a stop sign when the truck made a wide turn striking the bus.

Drugs or alcohol or not suspected in the accident.

The driver of the truck was talking to rescuers when he was loaded into the helicopter.

It is not know if seatbelts were in use.

The sheriff's department is continuing the investigation.

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