Two Westwood boys hailed as heroes for saving a teen's life!

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WESTWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Two Westwood boys are being called heroes Friday night, for being helpful and courageous, after witnessing a brutal attack.

Their fast thinking helped save a teenager's life. Friday night, this dynamic duo reunited with the victim they helped save. And two proud moms got to thank each other as well.

You might say these two kids acted like super heroes. They saw 19-year-old Michael Yaden get attacked and beaten badly, then used their cell phone to call 911.

Friday night, their mom, the boys and the Yaden family got together and it was high-fives all around.

They celebrate, but barely 24 hours earlier, on Thursday night, 11-year-old Trey Janes-McCarter and his 7-year-old brother Darnell McCalley, saved Michael Yaden's life.

Michael pushed back his hair, which was covering-up the line of stitches above his left eye.

"Basically, I was dropping my sister off at school for a basketball game," Yaden said.

It was just after 4pm Thursday afternoon and just starting to get dark. He walked her there, when he said two men came out of the school and approached him, asking if he had change for a 20 dollar bill.

"And I said, 'I'm sorry sir', I don't have any money on me at all and he walked away and then as I was walking, I heard footsteps come running up on me and I turned around and he said, 'empty your pockets'."

The two men struck him in the face and knocked him down a hill.

"And they pretty much beat me up," Yaden said. "All the way down the hill."

It was the longest two to three minutes of his life.

"I believe my glasses cut me right here where I have the stitches," Yaden said, pointing to the fresh stitches above his eye. "But they were kicking me in the face and stomping on my head, the good thing is I have no fractures."

They stole his phone and mp3 player and left him lying there, in the deep ditch, out of sight.

"This whole side of my face was covered in blood," Yaden said. "This was a big gash that was opened-up," he said pointing to the now closed wound.

"And I just hear two little boys yelling off in the corner," he said.

"Me and my brother were just racing home and I was much farther than him and I see two boys looking like they were just playing," said 7-year-old Darnell McCally. "Like they were kicking someone."

"And I look over and they're running towards me and they're saying you ok? you ok?," Yaden said.

The boys called 911 on the cell phone their mother Christine gave them for just this very reason. To keep them safe.

"It was something crazy!," Trey Janes McCarter said.

Trey handed Michael his cell phone so he could call his mother, Tammy.

"And Michael says that, Mom I'm hurt real bad and I was robbed," Tammy Yaden said.

"I was at work and I got the call from my 7-year-old son and he said we just saved somebody's life! And I said, what do you mean?," said Christine McCally. She would soon learn she'd taught her boys well.

"I would really like to thank them from the bottom of my heart, because if they hadn't called 911, it would have been a lot harder for me because I would have been just laying there a long, long time."

The Yaden's thanked the boys with a new laser tag game, grateful for their fast-actions.

"Well, I think you guys are awesome," Michael Yaden said, smiling at his two new best buds.

There were lots of teary-eyed hugs from the two proud moms.

"Lifelong friends now," beamed Christine McCally.

Tammy Yaden said police told her they have at least one name, a person of interest in the case. And hope to make an arrest of both men soon. Stay tuned to FOX19 and for the very latest!

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