Clermont Co. avoids deputy layoffs

BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - Clermont County deputy sheriffs and deputy supervisors have agreed to a new bargaining contract agreement with the county.

Key provisions of this agreement are:

  • A wage freeze for 2010 and 2011.
  • An agreement that the current 12 hour shifts will be maintained through 2011 (12 hour shifts have been in place for about 15 years)
  • A ‘Paid Absence Day' (PAD) can be earned by Deputies if they do not use sick leave for a period of 120 consecutive days.  The current contract provides for a PAD if sick leave is not used for 180 consecutive days.
  • Deputies will be able to select 60 percent of the shifts (day or night) based upon their seniority.  The remaining 40 percent of shift positions will be assigned at the     discretion of the Sheriff Office administration.
  • Deputies and Supervisors may convert 1/4 of the value of their accrued sick leave for a payout upon retirement, up to a maximum of 400 hours.  Under the current contract, 240 hours could be converted.
  • Deputies will be permitted to accrue up to 60 hours of compensatory time in lieu of paid overtime.  Currently they may accrue up to 40 hours.

"The most positive part of this agreement for the Sheriff's Office as a whole will be that it will eliminate the need for any layoffs in the Deputy Sheriff ranks through the year 2011," said Clermont County Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg. "Hopefully, by that time the economy will have stabilized to the point that will render any further cuts in staffing or services unnecessary."

The agreement will be presented to the Clermont County Commissioners for their review this week.

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