Man arrested after picking up marijuana from post office

Finnis Deondra Bonner (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Finnis Deondra Bonner (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

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MOUNT HEALTHY, OH (FOX19) -  A Westwood man, who police said admitted to dealing in weed, got busted going to the post office to pick up his special delivery.

And it turns out, the Mt. Healthy post office was his pipeline. The Drug Abuse Resistance Task Force or D.A.R.T., which is its own subset within the Cincinnati Police Department, handled this one.

A Mt. Healthy police officer we spoke with said D.A.R.T. asked them to step out of the way, when D.A.R.T. investigators got a hot tip, 25-year-old Finnis Bonner, would be there to pick-up a 9 pound package full of pot.

"I was completely shocked," a longtime friend told FOX19. "That is not the person that I know."

The female friend did not want to be identified.

"Yeah," she said. "I got calls, got flooded with calls on Facebook."

She has been a close friend of Finnis Bonner for 17 years.

"I've known him since elementary school," she said.

Police arrested Bonner at the Mt. Healthy Post Office, at the corner of Kinney and Perry streets on Monday, after police said he picked-up a package addressed to him and containing 9 pounds of marijuana.

Police said Bonner admitted the marijuana was indeed his and that he was trying to make some money.

"I've never heard of him engaging in this type of activity, nothing," the friend said. "We have mutual friends and this is foreign to everybody that I know that knows him."

Bonner is charged with two counts of trafficking drugs and two counts of possession.

"To my knowledge, he never hung out with anybody that was like that and he was not that type of person," she said. "He just never got in trouble in school, he just wasn't that type of guy, always sweet, always nice, always polite."

A Mt. Healthy Police officer told FOX19, Bonner stunned everyone in his hearing, without any advice from an attorney, when he admitted he'd done this several times before.

"I feel for the family," said his friend. "I really feel for him because I honestly feel like it's a bad judgement call on his part, I don't feel like it defines his character."

"I hope that he learns a lesson from this, really."

The sad irony in this is Bonner's father is a cop on the Cincinnati Police Department.

"Very shocking for everybody who has known him since childhood," she said. "Everybody who's known his family, knows his dad, just shocking for everyone."

Bonner made bond and is out of jail. If convicted, he could be looking at up to ten years in prison and steep fines.

What we do not know yet is, who was on the other end of that package, doing the sending. Street value of all that pot is estimated at about $27,000.

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