Thanksgiving travelers face possibility of delays at CVG

AP Photo
AP Photo

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Of the 40 million people who are expected to travel this Thanksgiving, more than 1.6 million are flying. This could lead to delays at airports, partly because of new, sometimes lengthy, security measures.

Passengers are chose at random for either a body scan, which takes as little as ten seconds, or an in-depth pat-down. The pat-downs can take four minutes or longer. If enough people are going through it, the wait in the security line could become lengthy.

There has been some resistance to these new measures and, nationally, there is an effort dubbed "opt-out day" Wednesday, in which people plan to show up wearing kilts or other revealing attire in order to highlight what they call the "intrusive" security screenings.

So far things at CVG have gone smoothly, with no big delays through security.

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