Does the Kinect connect?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's being called the hottest holiday toy this year and your kids are probably begging for it.

The Xbox 360 Kinect is the latest and greatest gaming system from Microsoft.

The Kinect has been out for about three weeks and one million have been sold. Microsoft expects to sell five million of them before the end of the year.

"It's getting a lot of publicity and media coverage," said John Purkiss at the Mason Meijer. "And the excitement is starting to build. I think going into the holiday season. The frenzy is starting to pick up."

If you already have an Xbox 360, all you need to buy the Kinect sensor. That will cost $150. But if you buy the entire system, it will cost $300, and if you want more memory, it will cost $400.

"Well I was looking online it was hard to get," said shopper Mark Hammons. "Amazon ran out of their pre-orders.   Best Buy ran out of their pre-orders. Game Stop eventually ran out of their pre-orders for the Kinect by itself.  So I ended up buying the Xbox 360 combo just to get it."

Hammons spent more money than he had to because he didn't want to wait. He got his the very day the Kinect came out, on Nov. 4.

He's a fan of the system, and says his wife, Karen, who has never really been a "gamer," loves it.

"This one you're moving around," said Karen Hammons. "You've got to work at it, a little bit more."

Kinect is different than other gaming systems in that it allows people who may have been intimidated before to join in. It's a new way of playing.

The 3D sensor can actually see your entire body. It captures your motion and even recognizes your facial expression and even your voice allowing full body play.

"Its been fun. You can get everyone up," said the Hammons' daughter, Sarah. "You don't have to really learn all the buttons. You don't have to learn different combinations you just get up and do it. So everyone can join in play leave for a little bit come back."

The system is intuitive. You play the way you know how to play. If the purpose of game is to stop the ball, that what you do - with hands or even your feet.

Unlike other gaming systems, Sarah's boyfriend, Nick, says it actually puts you into the game.

"I have had regular Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation, Playstation 2, Wii. I actually really enjoy (the Kinect)," said Nick. "It not just sitting on the couch."

To really put the Kinect to the test, it was tested with two 9-year-old boys, Kaleb and Jack.

"I like it because you feel like you are doing it," said Jack. "As with a controller you feel like you are just moving your hand around."

"I thought it was really good," said Kaleb. "Because all of the moving around and exercising and stuff. I thought it was great because of all the fun stuff on it."

There are a lot Kinect games that you can't do in real life, like a game that put Kaleb and Jack on a roller coaster adventure where they had to jump over hurdles, lean away from obstacles and duck under low beams.

Technology tends to divide people, but Mark Hammons says the Kinect has actually brought his closer together.

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