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The dangers of texting and walking

By Brad Underwood – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - These days it seems everyone is texting. The problem is some do it while driving, others while walking down the street.

Doctors are now seeing serious injuries related to texting and walking.

"We see a fair amount of injuries from sprains to strains, fractures to injuries that require surgery because people certainly aren't paying attention," said Dr. John Zisko with Wellington Orthopedics.

Dr. Zisko says texting and walking injuries are becoming quite the phenomenon.

"In 2008, over 515,000 injuries a year were attributed to texting or distracted driving. That was in 2008. I got to believe that's going up," he said.

One texting related injury is 'texting teen tendonitis,' or TTT.

Bailey Baker, 13, has it, thanks to her 200 text message a day habit.

"Mainly back and neck problems and thumb numbness..and it hurts," she said.

But while you may think the younger generation is where doctors get the most patients, its not.

"We've had people in the 60's and 70's hurt themselves while texting," said Zikso.

Current technology is even catching people texting and running into objects. Its even becoming a marketing tool. The new ad for the Windows phone pokes fun at people texting and walking, falling down the stairs, running into other texters and even sitting on people.

But Dr. Zisko says the injuries are not comical, but rather serious.

"Wrist fractures, ankle fractures, shoulder injuries. I had one patient dislocate their shoulder," he said.

So next time you decide to text and walk, you might want to think again, and wait until you stop moving.

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